GoGaS - Decentralised heating systems and drying technology

Innovative solutions for space heating and drying technology

GoGaS – Straight to the Point

GoGaS stands for competence in infrared and energy efficiency. Our premium version of the high intensity heater, the KMI, certainly is one of our masterpieces. KMI is “under cover”: The high intensity heater is covered with a 100 % ceramic cover with “max fibre” insulating material. This acts as a protective shield and also comprises the side panels. A further increase in efficiency is achieved through the optimal preheating of the gas-air mixture, in which the combustion chamber is simultaneously swept with hot combustion gases. The new high-grid technology ensures maximum radiation yield with a radiation grid installed in front of the ceramic plates.

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System independent solutions

Our portfolio includes the optimum in intelligent heating:
  • High intensity heater
  • Low intensity heaters
  • Ventilation technology
  • Solar air system
  • Regulation technology

and process heat solutions:
  • Solar air system
  • Regulation technology
  • Low intensity heaters
  • Metal fibre burners
  • Porous burners

Sustainable energy solutions for every industry

The use of gas infrared burners in general provides huge advantages in many drying and heating processes. With the various burner types – porous burners, metal fibre burners, ceramic burners, low-intensity heaters and catalytic burners – GoGaS covers the entire infrared range used for technical purposes (long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave) and is therefore the only dryer producer in the world to act as a complete supplier for the entire wavelength range. This unique range of products ensures that the drying process is optimally adapted to the customer’s needs. In addition, our decades of experience in infrared heating are a benefit to every project. Furthermore, the use of gas as a fuel ensures that operation involves a minimum in energy costs.

Cost efficiency by saving energy

Our low intensity heaters have a particularly high radiation efficiency, maximum energy saving potential and reduce CO2 emissions. All GoGaS low intensity heaters comply with the German EnEV and EEWärmeG energy efficiency regulations and are very easy to install. Exclusive ceramic fibre composite insulation and a reflective casing are what turn the standard Simplex design into our Genius masterpiece with radiation efficiency of over 72%. Both the standard and premium design are available with linear (DSL) or U-bend (DSU) emitter tubing. This allows for the heat output to be varied perfectly for each defined area!

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Personalized After-Sales service

Thank you for choosing GoGaS! Our After-Sales department ensures the support you need to remain satisfied with your choice. GoGaS offers a personalized and complete service package: we can provide the recommended yearly maintenance work or take care of repairs, if they are ever needed. As our customer, a worldwide service network is at your disposal. This way we are always flexible and can guarantee a short reaction time. Globally acting, but still close to our customers.